Your Personalised Editing Team

We are WeddingFlix Studios. Australia’s most respected post-production studios for busy, yet discerning wedding photographer and videographers. Our mission is to provide professional photographers and videographers with a custom tailored experience, so their final product is aesthetic and true to their personal or company style. Without the time-consuming task of editing their projects, wedding professionals can get their time back – time which they can use to shoot more, build their business, spend time with family & friends, or maybe even pick up a hobby.

Photo Editing Solutions

You shoot & We’ll handle the rest. Culling, Colour Correction, Noise Reduction, Sharpening, Cropping,
HSL Adjustments. No matter what your style, your personal editor will nail it every time.

Video Editing Solutions

Say goodbye to video editing for good. No matter what your studio offers, Highlight FIlms, Documentary Edits, Story Driven Short Films, Music Videos & Trailers, we’ve got it covered. You’ll never edit another film again.

Digital Delivery & Hosting

No longer do you have to produce physical media for your customers. We’ve just built Australia’s first Digital Delivery & Hosting Platform. All seamlessly branded to your studio for the ultimate customer experience.

Redefining Photo & Video Editing

Whether you like a film look, something a little more indy, punchy with vibrant tones or anything in-between, your personalised editor will get to know you and the way you like your work to look. You’ll never have to compromise your style or the quality of your finished product to outsource. Your editor will work with you to get it just right, every time.

Our highly experienced team of editors and colourists, all work from our state of the art offices in the heart of Surfers Paradise and specialise in making your work look the best it can be.

Fast Turnaround

Stand out in your market with turnaround times that your competitors can only dream of. Choose from 3-5 days or 7-14 days and exceed your customers expectations everytime.

Correct Colour Every Time

The correct colour balancing is essential for any great looking photo or beautiful looking film. No matter what your project, even RAW footage, premium colour balancing & correction is included in every thing we do.

Your Dedicated Editing Team

Getting your style just right, is what we do best. No matter if your workload demands a team of 1 or 30, you’ll be assigned a dedicated editor, located on the Gold Coast, for you or your clients to call or email Monday to Friday.

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